DIE VORSPIELSERVICE (2009 — ongoing)

The corrupt record fair show

Where should all the vinyl records go that DJs and record col­lect­ors do not want or need any more? They just auc­tion them at a min­im­al prize. And because they have some­thing to say about them that is usu­ally unheard, DIE VORSPIELSERVICE is a very enter­tain­ing show with mostly unex­pec­ted crazy com­ments, singing along and enthu­si­ast­ic audi­ence par­ti­cip­a­tion.

DIE VORSPIELSERVICE is a female:pressure pro­ject


In situ performance at the Festival Of Regions

A woman is stand­ing alone at the side of the road – is she a hitch­hiker, a pros­ti­tute, seek­ing help, flee­ing, dis­placed, lost or deranged? Her looks, any­way, are incon­spicu­ous: appar­ently loc­al, con­ven­tion­ally dressed, no lug­gage oth­er than a hand­bag, aged around 40. She is try­ing to wave down cars.

Once a cars stops she does not get in but rather tells short excerpts from first-per­son accounts by women driv­en into vari­ous kinds of depend­ency through the opened win­dow. The texts are based on the film script of “It Happened Just Before” (Anja Salomonow­itz, 2006).




22 photographic prints (40x60 cm)

additional material, overall sizes variable

In the “Fasching” (car­ni­val) sea­son people dis­guise and often hide their faces. A cus­tom that allows dif­fer­ent inter­pret­a­tions, depend­ing on the point of view. Thus also an occa­sion to reflect on dress reg­u­la­tions and con­ven­tions, on con­form­ity and role mod­els; about what is famil­i­ar or strange /​exot­ic, espe­cially con­cern­ing the own “cul­tur­al back­ground”.

Carinthia (Aus­tria) as my fam­ily’s ori­gin region is the set­ting for an exper­i­ment that incon­spicu­ously con­fuses stig­mat­iz­ing tend­en­cies in con­tem­por­ary image pro­duc­tion, involving the loc­al pho­to­graph­er Fran­ziska Dav­id who usu­ally works for region­al media: The woman dressed in black is a stranger adapt­ing to this and that cus­tom and stands out even more by doing so, her veiled face being a con­ces­sion to seem­ingly dif­fer­ent, con­tra­dict­ory con­ven­tions.


Talk Show (30′) + Web Serial (5x3’)

HD, colour, sound

The talk show Wish­ing Cast, pro­duced in the frame­work of Pixels, Bytes and Film*, invites pro­fes­sion­al per­formers of dif­fer­ent ori­gins and dis­cip­lines (a dan­cer, an act­ress, a comedi­an, an enter­tain­er, a cab­aret artist and a bur­lesque per­former) to a con­ver­sa­tion about their dream role. The guests tell tales of super her­oes, revenge fantas­ies, escape adven­tures, war his­tor­ies and boat tax­is. Of sex, viol­ence, humour, self-determ­in­a­tion, authen­ti­city, manip­u­la­tion and a happy life. Wish­ing Cast devel­ops into a poly­phon­ic tale about role per­cep­tions and life goals. The bor­ders between real­ity, desire and fic­tion blur, per­haps they nev­er even exis­ted. Just as the format Wish­ing Cast itself.

*cooper­a­tion of the TV Sta­tion ORFIII, the Aus­tri­an Fed­er­al Chan­cellery and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna



Denice Bour­bon, Per­former

Nadja Maleh, Cab­aret Artist

Michi­kazu Mat­sune, Dan­cer

Sim­plice Mugir­aneza (Soso), Comedi­an

Anat Stain­berg, Act­or

Dirk Ster­mann, Enter­tain­er


Amina Handke


100+ (2014)

Multidisciplinary performance evening

Curated by Gerda Lampalzer & Amina Handke

26.04.2014, Garage X, Vienna

With con­tri­bu­tions by:

Thomas Ball­hausen
Xaver Bay­er
Gust­av Deutsch & Hanna Schimek
Rain­er Mandl
Man­fred Neuwirth
Man­fred Opper­mann
Chrono Popp & Diane Shooman
Libgart Schwarz
Michaela Schwentner
Scuola Music­anti Dilet­tanti
Anat Stain­berg
Nives Widauer

Present­a­tion by Marc Car­nal and Max Horejs


Stage design, Akademietheater (Vienna) and Theatre de l’Odéon (Paris)

The Play by Peter Handke, set in a mid­sum­mer garden, was trans­posed into a back­stage set­ting where two act­ors meet amidst dec­or­a­tion remains after their per­form­ance of „Don Car­los“ and speak about love and their past lives, before the cur­tain opens to infin­ity.