Group Exhibition, Kunstraum Niederösterreich

(17. 01. — 15. 03. 2014)

Cur­at­or: Amina Handke

The title of this exhib­i­tion quotes the film Copie Con­forme by Abbas Kiarostami, in which an art expert plays the lead­ing female role. Copy­ing, imit­a­tion and ref­er­en­cing are not just the basis of artist­ic pro­duc­tion but also of all cul­tur­al sys­tems. Against the back­ground of time­less and cur­rent dis­courses on copy­right and the free­dom of art, this exhib­i­tion pro­ject seeks to offer an insight into con­tem­por­ary artist­ic pos­i­tions that link meth­ods of cre­at­ive appro­pri­ation or ref­er­en­ti­al­ity with soci­opol­it­ic­al state­ments or expli­citly to use them as instru­ments.

Par­ti­cip­at­ing Artists:

Jami­ka Aja­lon and Mari­on Porten

Dara Birn­baum

Amina Handke

simon INOU and Mara Niang

Annja Kraut­gass­er

Lena Lapschina

Marko Lulić

Fiona Ruk­schcio

Stefanie Seibold

Peer Siev­ers

Anat Stain­berg

Hito Stey­erl

Statt Wien