7′, HD, colour, sound

In Fer­mata might be pidgin Itali­an for “at the stop” or “closed in”. The cam­era is locked inside a room (“cam­era”) look­ing out. There are bars. The inside is invis­ible, it is excluded, but still enclosed — as opposed to a part of the seem­ingly wide and free out­side. A motif of many films, since the begin­ning: Are pass­ers-by look­ing at the cam­era, the room or the per­son behind it? Is the cam­era look­ing back or is it us? Are the people play­ing or being authen­t­ic – and is there a dif­fer­ence and where? Is a view from a room still the pre­de­cessor and inspir­a­tion of theatre and cinema, even before there was mobil­ity, car and train rides?