In situ per­form­ance at the Fest­ival Of Regions 2017; video documentation

A woman is stand­ing alone at the side of the road – is she a hitch­hiker, a pros­ti­tute, seek­ing help, flee­ing, dis­placed, lost or deranged? Her looks, any­way, are incon­spicu­ous: appar­ently local, con­ven­tion­ally dressed, no lug­gage other than a hand­bag, aged around 40. She is try­ing to wave down cars.

Once a cars stops she does not get in but rather tells short excerpts from first-​person accounts by women driven into vari­ous kinds of depend­ency through the opened win­dow. The texts are based on the film script of “It Happened Just Before” (Anja Salomonow­itz, 2006).

The Unknown (2017) Teaser.